Our HR policy

Our HR policy is at the heart of our Sustainable Development strategy, which was launched in 2008. It places people at the centre and involves long-term actions to offer support through the technological, operational and organisational changes brought about by Majencia's growth strategy.


Our Human Resources policy is based on the company values of EMPLOYEE COMMITMENT, PERFORMANCE, INNOVATION and CITIZENSHIP (EPIC), which can be found in all HR processes and in the management model common to all levels of the organisation. Our aim is to attract and incorporate people who share our values who could grow as people within the Group.

For this, we are committed to creating an environment that promotes professional development, creativity and performance. We are convinced that staff well-being is a key factor for sustainable corporate performance and all our actions plans are developed with this in mind.



At Majencia, we are committed to promoting internal mobility, whether between functions, management levels or geographical locations. Our HR department and Managers pay close attention to the professional ambitions of our staff, encouraging them to play an active role in their career.

We want to help them to build their career within the organisation, which is why we provide support, in particular via our staff appraisal process, and offer information on our careers and promotion opportunities. In order to create an environment that promotes internal mobility, we have set out the mutual conditions and commitments in our mobility charter.




We are convinced of the importance of promoting our Connected Social Mobility strategy to our staff, placing people and collective intelligence at the heart of all training initiatives. This is what makes Majencia stand out and make a difference. The role of all our training teams is to create a reassuring environment, a melting pot of sustainable innovation to facilitate learning, capacity building and the sharing of best practice in order to boost the employability of all staff.  Most programmes are taught by in-house trainers. We also use internationally renowned consultancy firms or management schools.

Our goal, as expressed in our CSR strategy, is to offer every employee  4 days of training each year. Our internal trainers are recognised for their commitment, performance, innovation, authenticity and kindness, offering new learning methods and coaching styles to facilitate collective intelligence.

97% of our staff are on a permanent contract
2.4days of training per employee each year
70permanent employees hired in 2015
23apprentices / interns / international volunteers in 2015
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